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Sinclair Mineral & Chemical is dedicated to providing unique solutions for our customers. Our staff has always taken an active roll in developing special equipment for specific processes. These opportunities to provide custom solutions not only benefit the customer but also allow our experience base to grow. Our professional team has over 50 years of experience to draw upon when creating a solution to your unique process.

Our test & demo lab is a large part of the custom process. Please bring us your difficult task and we will provide a solution or create a custom process.

Please contact one of our representatives for a consultation.

Custom Application 1 Custom Application 1:
The system shown incorporates a parts loading/staging area, demag before wash, custom X and Y wash fixture, cabinet cell washer and a detachable valve body assembly cart with X,Y,Z rotation.

Custom Application 2 Custom Application 2:
A manufacturer with 12,000 lb. molds required an enclosed cleaning system. This system has a 12,000 lb. power in/out 45 degreee mold fixture with variable speed rotation. The blast system has a 72" x 72" x 96" inside blast area.

Custom Application 3 Custom Application 3:
Rust is a big problem on cast iron. With the 60" Dia. x 60" H two wheel table blast system, average cleaning times run about 3-4 minutes.


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